Wedding & Anniversary

The beautiful way to illustrate your love

Celebrating any anniversary can pose a challenge when seeking out the perfect present that reflects your feelings. For men, the traditional gifts of chocolates, flowers and perfume can all quickly become impersonal clichés; whilst for women the typical options of aftershave and, well, not much else – can be an even more uninspiring task.

You simply want an item that will deliver your own message – an item that can be kept, cherished and appreciated for all of the upcoming anniversaries that you’re yet to have.

The perfect anniversary present – completely bespoke, totally personal

Throughout our anniversary focused, bespoke items are an array of options that can be customised and personalised: choose colours, write your own message and look forward to a product that is as lovingly hand made as it is personal.

Every one of these products are as perfect for the contemporary home as they are for the traditional one – with each offering framing and colour options to match the decor within which they’ll sit. You can also choose to receive your item unframed – ideal for if you wish to select your own frame.

We lastly provide two glass options – standard or our Premium offering of Indivisible True Colour; the latter of which eliminates 99% of the sun’s glare through UV protection. Whilst this is an added extra for which there’s a small premium, it does provide a beautifully extended lifespan, as well as improved visibility even where the item may be placed in the sunniest of rooms.