New Baby

New baby gifts: Making it personal

Mark the occasion of a new arrival with an item that will look as good today, as it will for the years to come with a personalised paper cut from our baby collection. Get a fuzzy feeling when our illustration, and your words, take pride of place within the nursery that has been carefully put together by expectant parents who have been counting down to the day for what seems like an eternity.

Celebrate with a gift given with your own words

The patter of tiny feet always feels long awaited: the months upon months of lead up to the due date, the excitement as families look forward to a new addition who will grow with each day. Finding the perfectly fitting present come the time when they finally arrive can always seem, well, beset with issues.

New baby: Let’s do away with tradition

The typical presents to celebrate the arrival of a little one are well-known: silver, clothing and more recently (and rather inventively, if not weirdly) nappy cakes.

At Twenty Fingers, we think it’s high-time that we go beyond the baby grows that will last mere months, and we also believe that the perfect present is one that conveys the gift giver’s own thoughts. That’s why we’ve created this collection of items so that you can welcome the little one to the world in a way that is wonderfully unique.

Exceptional products, for an undoubtedly special occasion

We've have been busy sketching, drafting and perfecting every one of our designs for a product that ultimately says it far better than any mass-produced product ever could.

Every gift within our new baby collection can be completely customised: select a colour, design and provide your words for a present that no-one else will give.

Our items are cut with care, coupled with a high quality frame locally produced by our framers in Buckinghamshire, and completed with exceptional customer service and free delivery to all customers within the UK.