For Grandparents

Grandparents: where would we be without them?

They’re there for those last minute babysitting appointments; they’ve been a pillar of support from the moment of birth and they love and cherish their grandchildren unconditionally. It’s pretty impossible to imagine just where we’d be without the love and support of these silver haired heroes who selflessly give up their time, and unquestionably provide love and support.

For these special people the option of buying a generic present simply won’t do – for grandparents only a personalised, heartfelt message is suitable.

The personal present for the treasured grandparent

To celebrate the wonderful people that are grandparents, there is but one present: one that is personal. Amongst our grandparent collection are messages that may be customised – beginning with the size of the product and completed in your chosen colour, and frame.

Any of the wording that you see upon the products before you can be edited in a way that suits you – you may add names and dates or choose one of our pre-made designs with messages that convey the universal appreciation there is for grandparents. 

We provide varying options for your choice of frame – including handmade floating frames, more economical (yet still handmade) options or unframed (ideal if you want to find your own frame). 

Lastly we also offer either standard glass, or Invisible TrueColour glass – the latter of which will encase the keepsake in sun glare free, UV resistant glass – for colour that stays fade free and for an item that may be placed in even the brightest of spots.

Question or query? Let’s talk

Have a question or query prior to ordering? Need some inspiration as to how you should personalise our papercut messages and designs? No problem – we’re always on hand to help, provide advice and guidance.

We also offer unparalleled delivery terms – with a delivery service that is completely free from charge for all UK mainland orders.