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Whether one year, or going on sixty-five, this personalised love tree picture papercut is a unique gift that celebrates that special date. Personalise the bunting at the top of the frame, add in the couple’s names and the date, and then choose your own words for the plaque and sign at the bottom (if you wish, otherwise they can be left). You choose the artwork colour, you choose the frame colour. Heck, we even accept completely customised orders created from your ideas or photos (for which you’d simply need to get in touch).

If the couple have been together through those dull anniversary materials already (such as wool, copper and pottery – yawn!) and you’re onto the more exciting times, here’s a rundown of the colour matches we’ve thought up to help you along your way...

1 Year – Paper – Any colour (but perhaps white may work best)

10 Years – Tin – White coupled with our silver frame

13 Years - Lace & 14 Years – Ivory - White

24 Years – Opal - Blue paper teamed with a silver frame

25 Years – Ruby – Red

35 Years – Coral/Jade – Candy Pink/Emerald

50 Years – Gold – Harvest

85 Years – Moonstone - Purple

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