Our company prides itself on providing our customers with the utmost in customer service. As with any growing business questions will come up. We are always there to answer any of your questions regarding our products and welcome the inquiries. For your convenience we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions. Please have a peek to see if your question is on the list, but if we do not have an answer for your question here, please do not hesitate to contact us.


How Are the Frames Made?

We have a very specific style we like when it comes to frames. We searched through many frame manufacturers, but settles on a local group of framers. Our customers gain a quality frame without having to wait weeks for the frame to be made as we always have a stockpile of standard framing options ready for you.

Is There Room for Custom Frame Options?

Absolutely, we want all of our customers to be completely satisfied upon receiving their piece. We understand that there are times where a standard sized frame simply will not do. You can fill out the contact us form on our website with your specific size requirements. We will contact you ASAP with a quote, as custom framing options do incur some extra cost.

What is the Difference Between Invisible True Colour Glass and the Standard Glass?

As we have come to find out through working with different forms of glass, all glass is not created equal. Invisible True Colour glass is highly advanced in that it eliminates 70% of the sun’s glare. Your image will be clearer than with standard glass. As protection is also at the forefront of any good piece of artwork, this glass provides up to 99% UV protection, so you never have to sacrifice the quality of the image for perfect clarity.

Glass Comparison

Placing an Order

My Order is Placed. What Now?

Our system automatically sends an email to the customer. The email will contain your detailed order confirming that it was received. Upon receipt our passionate craftsmen will work feverishly to ensure your handcrafted is delivered to you ASAP.

I Have Seen Where Many of Your Pieces Have Custom Features Such as Pets, Silhouettes, Birds, Butterflies, etc. How Can I Add Extra Features to My Order?

We work closely with our customers to ensure that what they want is exactly what they get. We provide a note area on the checkout page of our website for exactly this purpose. Simply explain what special images you would like within your art piece and we will make it happen. 

Are the Designs Limited to What is on the Website?

We are a creative couple and are always looking for new avenues to explore with our artistic pieces. In the case you want something completely new and different than what is featured, simply send us a note explaining your desires and we will send you a proof for your approval. We desire that all of our customers receive exactly the piece they desire to be admired for many years to come. No detail is too small and no project is too large for our fantastic artists.

We understand that there will be questions from time to time. These are simply the most frequent questions we address. However if your question was not addressed on this page please feel free to contact us so we can address your question personally.

Can I See What I am Getting Before My Design is Made?

Yes, we always offer a proof for your inspection of our silhouettes, portraits, and houses since these are among the most unique designs. However, if you would like a proof of your family tree papercut, for example please leave us a note on the checkout page and your proof will be provided for your approval.


When Will I Receive My Item?

Our artwork takes time, as all of our pieces are truly unique in nature. We understand that your order is top priority and we want you to receive it as quickly as possible. It is for this reason that we provide the lead time at the top of our web page. Upon completion of your piece it will be posted with the service of your choosing.

I Need My Order By a Specific Date. Is This Possible?

Certainly, before finalizing your item on the checkout page simply write us a note as to what date you need the piece by. We also offer next day delivery service. Upon completion of your item you will receive it within one working day. These offer the fastest way to receive your artwork.

How are Unframed Papercuts Supplied?

We package our unframed papercuts in a way that will not damage the delicate piece. We attach them to a corrugated paper and it is packaged in a hard backed envelop to ensure the piece is never bent. Upon arrival you will easily be able to remove the piece from the packaging and frame it as you see fit.

What do I do if my Papercut is Received in Damaged Condition?

We do our very best to ensure that all of our artwork is packaged for delivery in a way that will minimise the risk of any damage to the product. However, even with all of the packaging procedures and even marking them as FRAGILE, accidents happen. We have seen a few cases where the postman was simply too busy to read the FRAGILE tape and tossed the package over a 6 ft. fence. In these instances, please let us know and we will be happy to make you a new one and place extra packing materials within to ensure that your busy postman does not damage the new one