Mummy Says No, Daddy Says Yes Personalised Papercut

Mummy Says No, Daddy Says Yes Personalised Papercut

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The stereotypical image of daddy being the authority figure is often a complete myth, and whilst mummy’s answer is a pretty certain no, daddy’s answer is an inevitable yes, of course: sweets, the latest toy, a day out at that wonderland attraction – all of these things seem within the reach for the cherished child whose request is undeniable for daddy.

With this personalised papercut we celebrate the soft side of father’s who simply can’t resist their little one’s charms when prodded and pestered for something that those little eyes have set their sights upon.

This item comes in both standard and large size, and provides a choice of frame type; there’s also a wide variety of choices for the colour of artwork.

Put your perfect mix of these together and look forward to an item that is as unique as the wonderful (albeit super soft) father to whom it’s presented.

How to personalise it:

  • Choose the size of your artwork.  You can select from standard or large size.  Choose the colour of the artwork, from the wide variety of shade options we have displayed.
  • Choose the frame colour (unless you want it unframed and will frame it yourself).
  • Personalise it even further by including the instructions in the “personalisation” box (e.g. number of children, their age etc).

Framing Options

“Dad I Love You This Much” Papercut can be ordered:

  • Framed using one of our unique, handmade floating frames designed by us and made by our local framers in Buckinghamshire.  The frame inner measure 10” by 12” or 12" x 16".
  • Unframed. If you have your own frame or are not sure about matching colours and décor, you can order your papercut without a frame. We’ll design and cut it for you. It will be temporarily mounted to corrugated paper to ensure it won’t get damaged on its way to you.


If you order your love tree framed, you can choose from two types of glass:

  • Standard
  • Premium Invisible TrueColour

Invisible TrueColour Glass eliminates 99% of sun glare and adds UV protection to your artwork.  It does cost a bit more but is well worth it.

If you still have any questions or need help, just contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help :)

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