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A gorgeous floating frame is the perfect way to show off your Personalised Family Tree Papercut, initial papercut or any special piece of artwork or treasured photo.

The floating frames are designed to be freestanding but also have hangers on the back to enable them to be hung on the wall either landscape or portrait in orientation. As the name suggests the frame comprises two sheets of glass allowing you to sandwich your valuable artwork. It creates a magnificent “Floating” effect and you can easily see your wallpaper or wall background colour through the frame allowing it to match just about any decor.

These frames are hand made in Buckinghamshire especially for Twenty Fingers by our local framers according to our design and specifications. 

What sizes of the floating frames are available

Our standard range of the “floating” frames consists of 3 frame sizes:


  • You can choose from:
    • ​12" x 10"
    • 16" x 12"
    • 24" x 16
    • custom size (send us a message)

Colours of your floating frame

Each floating frame size available in different colours such as:

  • White
  • Black
  • Walnut
  • Ivory
  • Solid Bare Oak

Floating frame glass

By default all frames come with a standard glass but we also offer a TrueColour ™ 'invisible' option which eliminates 99% of sun glare and complements the “Floating” effect very well.

Are they made from real wood?

YES! Wood and glass.
Beautifull hand made in Buckinghamsire.

Custom Orders

Please contact us for a quote if you need a custom “Floating Frame” size or colour  or if you have a bulk request.

Please note: As these are hand made the end result can vary slightly in colour and be differ from shown in the pictures.


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