Don't leave me with these morons. Personalised Leaving Card

Don't leave me with these morons. Personalised Leaving Card

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For that one person at work you actually get on with!

They’ve been with you through thick and thin, and now they’re leaving you behind. But they still deserve a fab personalised card! We’ve got something your favourite work buddy can keep long after they’ve lost your phone number!

Why choose a wooden greetings card?

  • More than a card, it’s a keepsake!
  • 100% unique to your requirements
  • Easy to personalise for that special person

How do I personalise my card, and what happens next?

So simple, you can do it in your lunch hour! Simply choose from:

  • A few words of personalised text
  • Optional stand
  • Extra wording for a more personal touch!

Then let us do our work, while you do yours!

Free UK delivery and returns – no kidding!

Straight from our work place, direct to your home, we offer free UK delivery when you shop over £39 – and that can’t be bad can it!

You’ve had your workplace quarrels but now they’re on their way to better things, so we don’t want to add insult to injury.

Need a refund? We’ve got you covered, so get ordering today! 

Need a few more ideas, no problem! Check out more of our engraved wooden leaving cards!

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