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It’s our mission in life to create completely unique and personalised presents for our customers, and their gift receivers who they always delight. After XX years of blazing a trail with ever more innovative papercuts, we thought it was high time that we added to our little family of bespoke gifts – which is right about where our 3D Bead Mosaics step in.


They’re pretty special – BUT (there’s always a but, right?) – given the intricacy and pain staking detail that they demand, we only ever have limited capacity for this form of artwork. From photo upload to signed, sealed and delivered to your door, this product takes between 3 to 8 weeks (with the actual hand sewing time spanning between 2 to 8 weeks, depending on the size of the artwork).

Here’s how it works – simple as 1, 2, 3


1. Your masterpiece begins with you selecting the size of the artwork and then choosing your framing option (you can choose between an unframed beaded cloth or bespoke, handmade framing). If you’d like your artwork to be framed then you’ll have a choice of wood types and colour of the mount board – simply leave us a note to let us know your preferences.

2. With your order in our studio, our skilled artists will begin creating your piece (and because of the speed with which they get to work, once placed, your order cannot be cancelled or refunded).

The process begins with our team picking out the bead colours – a pain staking process of mixing and matching colours so your photo can be perfectly recreated. Our bead art work usually requires a rainbow of between 16 to 24 differently coloured beads. Due to the size of the beads (which are around 0.1 inch in circumference), the smaller the artwork size you choose, the less detail they’ll be – you can think of this in the same way as an image on a screen, where the pixels can blur.

Normally we use between 11,000 beads (for artwork of around 20cm x 30cm size) up to 102,000 beads (for artwork of around 90" x 60”) – we can also do a much larger piece if you wish.

3. To create the truest to life artwork, we don’t use beads to create skin – so areas such as the face, hands and bare feet are each delicately printed and securely blended into the beaded artwork.

If you’d like only certain parts of your picture beaded – feel free to ask away. At Twenty Fingers, we’re all for personalised products and working our clients’ creativity into our pieces. If something’s possible, we’ll do it – and if not, we’ll advise you as to the best alternative.

4. That’s it – our hard work is done and your bead art work has been created. As ever with all of our creations, delivery is completely and utterly free (with no scary surprises come the time to checkout).


Questions? Let’s talk

Need to know something? Uncertain about whether your photo can be whipped up into a beautiful beaded piece of artwork? Whatever you need to know our team are right here – ask away!

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