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Mum. You were and still are the apple of her eye. She nurtured you for nine months and looked after you for at least another 18. Actually, truth is, our mums never really stop doing things for us, worrying about us or having hopes and dreams for us.

Celebrate all that she is to you with this carefully crafted personalised papercut – perfect for Mother’s Day, for her birthday, Christmas or even just for being her.

You and your siblings are the only ones to have heard her heart beat from the inside – a bond that’s unlike any other. It can be tough-going discovering a present on the high street that truly does justice to all that she means to you (honestly... you’re not going for smellies, again?! And as for pyjamas... no, just no).

Make it extra personal by adding her name, a particular date or even uploading your photos (how about that first snap of you and mum, just after your entrance to the world?).

You can select her favourite colour for the paper, and team it with a frame colour of your choice – then, select your size (standard or large) and we’ll soon set to work on your special gift, for that special lady.

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