What to give your mum on her birthday?

on April 03, 2017 .

With you mom’s birthday on its way, and as you count down to the day where every mom wants to feel a little bit special, we wanted to provide plenty of ideas in good time for the present that’ll help you do just that.

1. Something personal

Family Tree Papercut - Gift for mum's birthday

Forget about flowers, chocolates or any one of the hundred things that the high street would have you believe is what she wants. This year, go personal, search out gifts that will serve as unique keepsakes. Ideas for this include:

- Naming a star

- Purchasing jewellery and having a carefully thought about message engraved into it (not just “Happy Birthday, Mom”

- Putting together a DVD of family videos through the ages

- Creating a photobook that documents her life and having it printed

- Mapping out your family tree and turning it into a papercut

2. A few simple things to go along with your gift

Don’t forget the simple things that can take just a little of your time - why not cook for her, clean her house or organise a family get together? If she works, you could even get in touch with her employers in good time to see if you can book her a long weekend off – for which you can then pay for the hotel or B and B.

3. An indulgent day of rest

There are few days that moms can put their feet up free from the guilt of dishes piling up, so this year, make the day itself extra special by planning a day of shopping, pampering and dining out. If you really want to make it memorable, you may want to check out what any one of the many experience day websites have to offer (which include everything from hot air balloon rides, to tasting menus).

4. A personalised papercut

The only thing better than having you as a mum is...

We have papercuts for every type of mom, from the dog lover to the lady whose both a cherished mother and grandmother. We even have papercuts for those mums who are expecting their first sound of tiny feet, with our Personalised Baby Ultrasound Scan Papercut (and speaking of sounds, we also stock a Sound Wave Papercut – which can be based on you saying “I love you, mum” – this might just be the most innovative idea we’ve thought of yet!).

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5. And finally… here are some things that you should absolutely avoid!

Hopefully you’ve discovered some inspiration for your mom’s birthday present, but if you’re still stuck and planning on doing some shopping, just make sure you avoid the following:

  • Household appliances that haven’t been requested
  • A diet/fitness/or anti-aging product
  • Perfume (unless she has specifically stated what brand she likes, this could be little more than a matter of expensive guesswork)
  • Cash (a cop out gift if ever there was one)
  • The same gift that you gave last year (she may have loved it first time around, but buying the same massage, hair salon voucher or anything else 12 months on it SO uninspired)