What to give your grandparents for their anniversary

on April 30, 2017 .

Love Tree Papercut - wedding anniversary gift

So, a mammoth milestone of a wedding anniversary is coming up for your grandparents and you want to give a gift that does justice to the number of years they’ve been happily together. Here are our five ideas for presents that are more than worthy of even the most monumental number of years.

  1. A gift based on the anniversary

Each and every year a couple celebrates their matrimony, there’s a material to go with it. The first years begins with paper, then Cotton (2nd) and leather (3rd) – which are all pretty dull to say the least. Fortunately, the later ones are a bit more exciting, moving onto precious metals and materials, such as Pearl (30th), Ruby (40th), Gold (50th) and Diamond (60th).

Check out the complete list of Wedding anniversary materials on Wikipedia

  1. A family photoshoot

Professional family photography can create keepsakes that both celebrate your grandparents as a couple (with shots of just them), as well as celebrating the family that their life together has led to (with photos of all the family). Whilst this may be a relatively ‘expensive’ present (ranging easily into the hundreds of pounds) you may be able to include other family members, such as siblings and grandchildren, who can each contribute to the cost. After the photoshoot, a meal out or family party could finish the day perfectly.

  1. An experience day

An experience day could be anything – from an evening’s dancing lessons to an early morning cooking lesson. Why not ask the rest of the family if they wish to pitch in and purchase other elements of the day (such as a hotel or meal out).

Experience day websites include Into the Blue; Virgin Experience Days; Experience Days and even Tesco, who are getting in on the action with days that include everything from Afternoon tea to a Helicopter ride.

  1. A papercut family tree

Large Family Genealogy Tree - Anniversary gift

The wedding anniversaries of your grandparents are very much a family occasion, for which there may be few as appropriate a gift as that of a family tree. Our family tree papercuts range in size from the small to the medium and onto the large.

Another idea for a family tree is to purchase a wall decal (which is effectively a large sticker) – where the tree is stuck onto the wall and various photo frames are hung from each branch.

  1. ANYTHING from our ‘Gifts for Grandparents’ or ‘Wedding Anniversary’ section

Grandparents and Grandchildren are the works of heart

It can be tough to cover all the bases in just five ideas flat – thankfully our Grandparent section covers every form of occasion and type of couple – from celebrating new grandparents, to mapping out a family tree around them. We comprehensively cover grandparent anniversaries, and we also have gifts for their birthdays and even for their furry friends.

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