5 Ways Personalised Wooden Spoons Make Fabulous Gifts

on October 28, 2017 .

It’s coming – XX days and counting and it’ll be Christmas. As time marches on and we steel ourselves for the crazy Xmas rush, we thought that we’d launch a new product just in time for the festive period – Personalised Wooden Spoons. Here are five reasons why you’re going to LOVE our work (even if we do say so ourselves).

1. They’re super sustainable

Personalised wooden spoonsNowadays we rightly give more care and consideration to our environment, and with each passing year it seems that the market for sustainable goods grows and grows. A more than worthy area for an environmentally friendly makeover is the world of gifts – with Christmas being a particular time of year for harmful consumerism (in all its gift wrapped, Christmas Card, plastic fanatic un-glory).

Wooden gifts are a wonderful alternative to the harmful chemicals in smellies, and the plastic that is threatening to overwhelm our environment.


2. They’re seriously versatile

Wooden spoon for any occasion

I hear wedding bells, then the pitter patter of tiny feet, and then (of course) a chorus of ‘Happy Birthday’. For each of these occasions there is a Twenty Fingers wooden spoon – making this cheap, cheerful and quirky gift perfect for giving to GrandMa, GrandPa, mom, dad, bride, groom or baby.

Wooden spoons are also a traditional gift for giving to a happy couple for their wedding day – which can save you a whole lot of umming and ahhing over that department store wedding gift list!


3. They make for a really original addition to the average Christmas stocking

Christmas stocking personalised wooden spoon

Orange? Check. Mini game? Double check. Socks? Check, check, check. It can be difficult livening up the average Christmas stocking, helpfully our festive personalized spoons can save the day. Check out our very own Frosty the Snowman or Pepper Minstix the Personalised Christmas Elf Spoon.


4. At £5.99 each, they are super-duper cheap

Affordable personalised wooden spoons

OK, you’re on a budget. A tight one. You‘ve many people to buy for, and you need to keep some money back for your Christmas day dinner and Rudolf’s carrot. Once more, personalised wooden spoons are a savvy solution – at just £5.99 each they’re one of the cheapest gifts going. Yet that doesn’t mean that we scrimp on the quality of material or the look of our art work. Each of our personalised spoons are created from birch wood (dishwasher and food safe), and the imagery and text is added by true artisans of the industry (who use the most advanced of equipment).


5. Your personalised spoon is just days away from being delivered

Personalised wooden spoons quick turnaround

In a rush? No worries. Our personalised wooden spoons wing their way to our customers in no time at all – taking just five days to make and dispatch (perfect for that last minute Xmas shopping rush, or that birthday that you ever so nearly forgot about!).


So there you have it – five fun reasons to fall in love with our fresh collection of personalised spoons. Go – be free, shop until your heart’s content and your utensil pot is full. If you have a question or query, we’re right here (right when and where you need us). Send our team a message or call us on 01908 049049.